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    Deathmatch Maps

    The 3 main one out there, the underground, the complex one and the chill map are all fantastic. My only noted problem is the difference from 5 players to 6 players on the maps. Or maybe some maps I had 6 but one didn't do much. But there was way more spawn and die before taking much of a step. Too many spawns beside a fight. This is always magnified in games where the enemy will have a better gun due to map pickups. With 6 people I found more kills to be scraps. You'd steal someone's damaged kill from them, kill people from behind, people spawning beside you - these kind of kills aren't as fun and don't get the competitive juices flowing because it's also how you die. You'll be engaged in a fight and get wrecked by someone else who rounded a corner or keep spawning beside people.

    To be honest, while playing the game, I've never noticed anything that you just explained. But if that's whats happening with you, then explain how do you see the solution for this problem.
    And also, if you want to post anything to the gameplay experience, post here. The finished levels forum is only for the map creators to show off their maps.
    Thank you!