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UTCC - A place to share content

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    UTCC - A place to share content

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    Hi there!

    I’ve been working on a (very WIP) project to make it easier to find custom content for UT, and I think it’s time to share it with everyone now

    What is UTCC?

    UTCC is a website and discord bot. With so much content available, I figured it could be easier to find content and where to play it. The starting goals were
    1. Be able to search custom content and hubs and get information on them
    2. Be able to find the hubs and servers that support specific custom content
    3. Get notified when new custom content is released or a new version is released of the content.

    UTCC is meant to be a repository of content for UT, but with other functionality too to make finding and getting content easier. You can search for content, and the hubs the content runs on. You can make a collection and share it to let people download the several maps and mutators from a single location. Discord users can also get a message from the bot whenever new content or a new version for content is added. It doesn’t end here; next update should include generating rulesets, and there’s more nice stuff to come in the future .

    Show me the good stuff!

    All that is nice, but it's probably easier to show you what this looks like . Here’s an overview:

    You can get notifications with the discord bot. The forums are good to find content, but if you are waiting for a specific map or mod to be recooked, letting the content come to you might be easier! It's currently limited to discord only, and only notifies of new content and new versions, but will be extended to the website and more specific notifications in the future.

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    You can find content on the website and via discord.

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    If you find content you want to play, you can find the registered hubs that have that content (providing the hub owner gave this info to UTCC )

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    If you add a version to UTCC and upload the pak file with it, the INI information will be extracted automatically.

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    You can make collections to let others know what content is used for a ruleset, a cup, etc., and if UTCC has a link to the content, they can download that content from a single convenient place.

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    Join UTCC!

    UTCC relies on creators to add their content, so if you made a map, mutator or gamemode, please consider adding it to UTCC!
    You can find UTCC on, or join the discord server to stay up to date or give the bot a try at, or invite the bot into your own server at

    If you have question or suggestion, feel free to reply here or find me on discord

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