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Epic when do we get Necris&Agypt LevelEditor Contend?

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    Epic when do we get Necris&Agypt LevelEditor Contend?

    when do we get Necris&Agypt LevelEditor Contend?

    i know Epic ur big with the UnrealEditor4 bisness.... but the comunity really needs more static mashes... im just working 2 weekings in UT4 Edit, and there is really an lack off static mashes, compared to the UT3 Edit Contend.

    i mean respect on the UT4Edit... its so nice and fast compared to any other engine. but the n00b friendly static meshes mapping that u had in UT3 is not there. i persenaly just say that it could make the ut-com bigger.. by kickin the static mashes up!
    so thats my review. UT4Edit.... 8of10 points. could be way higher, but mapmodels r missing and it stops the creativity.

    so whats the plan on that?

    You have a lot of research to do in regards to the engine and UT project as a whole. The answers you seek can be found easily by simply searching on google. I might be able to help you out with some answers later, but as of right now, I'm very busy with my upcoming UT map. In the mean time, google is your friend and every single one of these questions can be easily answered via google search.

    Good luck,