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Help me MAP MAKERS!!!

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    Help me MAP MAKERS!!!

    Can someone PLEASE tell me the easiest way in 2019 to start a private match with friends that utilizes community made maps? All I can find online are instructions to set up your own server..which seems to be a very long, laborious process (which I've tried already). It seems really strange that a game all about community from a company that has always embraced it would make it so difficult to play with community content. Am I missing something? Is there an easier way now to set up/start a server? Thanks for the help!

    HI there!
    • Invite your friends to a party
    • join a Community HUB (PHX Germany, UTzoneHUB, Unreal Carnage, UnrealPugs, Absolute, to name a few...)
    • start a new instance
    • set it to private
    • select gamemode, map etc...

    Depending on which Community Hub you join, there are different maps/game-modes/mutators to choose from.
    The needed files will get downloaded automatically as soon as you start your instance (or join one).

    The most popular maps/modes/mutators are on most HUBs of course.

    On UTCC you can download A TON of content (so you don't have to download it in-game):

    just put the files in this directory:


    Join these 2 discord channels, the players/mappers there will gladly help you, if you still don't manage to setup a private game:

    Unreal Carnage Channel :

    Official UT Channel:

    Hope this helps you a bit.
    WIP - Maps (UT - Build