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Setting up UE4 Editor for UT4

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    Setting up UE4 Editor for UT4

    Hi all,

    I having been lurking for a bit around the forum for a couple months now after being a large fan of the series since UT99. Quite enjoyed making maps back in the day for both 99 and 2004, and am looking forwards to getting back into it.

    Is there a way to set up the editor so that all that I am building is a UT4 specific map? I see people testing levels in editor with UT4 movement and weapons; how is this done? I only seem to be able to set up with default blueprint gametypes in UE4?

    Thanks a ton,


    Not being a left brained person, this process made me pull my hair out a bit because I couldn't find help to get the Unreal Tournament part set up right away.

    This video covers most of it for the engine/editor. The video is a bit outdated and has some differences.

    I didn't do the part where Zak uses the Github (local) client to clone, because my interface was different and I got confused.
    So instead....I hit the Clone in Desktop button on the Github Unreal Engine page, and it worked fine.

    *****When you fork and clone the Unreal Engine you also need to do it for Unreal Tournament, which is not covered in the video.

    *****After you open the navigate to the UnrealTournament.uproject. (tick the box to always open that project)

    EDIT: Try to be patient. Most of this took hours to set up from the start. No more clicking the system editor icon and voila!

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      think I finally have it sorted out.



        It's also really cool that the official build is working again. Compiling both engine and UT project was a long process.
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          I'm stuck on this can someone help me out? I don't see an UnrealTournament.uproject file, how do I get it? I want to edit my map in UT.



            Unfortunately the days are long past where you can use the binary editor and have an easy life.
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