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    Map Auto-Generation

    Hi, my name is Brian Barnes, and for over a decade I've been the author of dim3, a 3D open source game environment. Things have slowed down, mostly to work and other commitments, like my youtube comedy show, but I think there's some technology that could find a home here.

    One of the things I liked working on was auto-generating maps (and I was working on auto-generating models, too.) My goal was to create a game where every bit of content was auto-generated. Now, obviously, this was limited, and sometimes just served as a prototyping tool, but I got pretty far with it, and I suspect there's a lot further I could take it.

    Here's a screen shot of the dim3 editor with an auto-generated level.

    So, I put this out to the community. I could take the original cross-platform C code that I have and put it in something easier to compile and use cross platform (there was a mac/win version, but no linux version) -- I was actually thinking potentially javascript. Yes, that seems strange, but it will be fast enough, cross-platform code and easy to create UI. Eventually, it would write out to OBJs with correctly split meshes.

    This auto-generator also created the textures on the fly, within "types", like "brick" or "concrete." That would probably be something separate if I moved that over.

    Would this be of any use to the community? At this point, it's not making maps that would be useable right off the bat, but can be made to create maps that could serve as a starting point to craft a real map out of. And obviously, there would be improvement in the future. I don't know when or how fast I could get to this, but it seems like an interesting place to take the tech. It might just be that importing from something like OBJs just doesn't work well, which would destroy it's usefulness.


    [>] Brian
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