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REENACTMENT MAPS - Historical Assault Mode

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    REENACTMENT MAPS - Historical Assault Mode


    I've been thinking with my buttons here and I came to the conclusion that the next Unreal REQUIRES an Assault Mode. And I go requires a HISTORICAL ASSAULT MODE.


    Take AS-Overlord as an example. It was surprising and somewhat accurate. The idea of having a reenactment of historical events in Unreal Tournament, making use of the mechanics of the game and the whole potential that UE4 can provide, there's a probability that whole new sub-gametypes be developed within Unreal Tournament.

    UT'99 Thumbnail for AS-Overlorlord

    The Assault mode delivered an interesting set of new gameplay alternatives to an already successful game. I remember spending hours against bots and some online servers trying to take out the main gun in the map as fast as possible and holding hordes of "Allies" as they stormed in the beach head. It was somewhat linear, but it was fun. Since we have a robust and powerful engine like UE4, can you imagine the level of detail of the visuals we can apply into this map and others?

    Another favourite of mine is AS-Mothership, from Unreal Tournament 2004. It was a flawed game and by far the one I disliked the most, but the map design was amazing and awe inducing. This was my personal favourite of this entire game, right at the side of Elecfields and Morpheus III.

    Screenshot of the Skaarj Mothership

    AS-Mothership is a great map because of it's acts. Act one features a large scale space battle with Skaarj and Human fighters. I remember having to pick up my jaw from the floor the first time I played it. It was great but once you destroyed the generators and secured the insertion points, you actually set foot on "ground" and raided the Mothership head on.

    I'm not sure if this was already suggested, but I think that it would just add to the whole potential Unreal Tournament has now.


    - Recreating actual historical events, like WWII and even current ones
    - Recreating future events, like events from the Corporation Wars and the Human-Skaarj War
    - Remaking old maps from Unreal and Unreal Tournament 2004

    Suggestion for a map

    Assault on N'Mergoth Outpost

    Plot: A group of NEG commandos receives the mission of destroying a set of orbital weapons by seizing the control center located on the surface of Ganymed moon dominated by the Skaarj, during the Human-Skaarj war. The sucessful incursion of the Commandos has triggered massive counter-attack movement by the NEG and marked the turning point for the war. These events happened two months before the notorious Mothership attack that pratically sealed the human victory of the war.
    - Act one: HALO jump from low orbit stealth vessel to the moon, with fall boosted and guided by shoulder mounted rockets. Commandos initiate a head-on incursion with vehicles dropped along. After heavy fighting, the Commandos blow up the front gate and gain entrance to the facility.
    - Act two: The Commandos successfully pass from the front gate and need to take down three orbital batteries in order to allow cruise vessels to attack the facility and soften their defenses, in order to allow reinforcements to come from carriers.
    - Act three: The Commandos proceed further to the facility to find the main generator for the whole base. They plant high-explosives to destroy it.
    - Act four: The Commandos must leave in less than three minutes for the mission to succeed.

    So...what do you think, people? Is it worth a shot?

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    I'm definitely up for themed assault maps, especially if they introduce a new mechanic like the flying in mother ship or gimmick like the fact that you are travelling fast along a desert in convoy