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Proper Location for 3rd party Maps & Paks for use in servers?

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    Proper Location for 3rd party Maps & Paks for use in servers?

    Up until now I've kept my maps in Content/Maps and in their own folders with needed assets.
    I used the UT Cooker to cook and pak, and put it into the Paks folder of the weekly build.

    Now i'm being asked to change that, so it can be put on a server.
    I'm also using the all-in-one launcher for editing and gameplay.

    - Where is the correct place for maps and their unique assets?
    - Does the cook process embed a path of the map for the servers?
    - Can/should I continue to use the UT Cooker?

    This is what the server admin told me:
    The problem is servers can't run maps that aren't at least in the "Content" folder, yours was just loose at the root. If I could open it in the editor I would republish it but I can't. So if you could, put it in the Content folder, republish it. To see if it works, put the .pak file in <my documents>\UnrealTournament\Saved\Paks\Downloads, launch UT and type in console "open" (no enter) and you'll see a list of maps there. If yours shows up and launches that means it worked.

    Any Help is appreciated!

    Portfolio / DM-Morpheus / CTF-Coret

    Found it. Thanks for the help.
    Portfolio / DM-Morpheus / CTF-Coret