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Map Makers Match 3/29 7 PM Eastern

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    Map Makers Match 3/29 7 PM Eastern

    Last weeks didnt happen due to me, I apologize. This week I still want to do it as we have a lot of interest in doing so. I moved the time up a little earlier to help the EU guys.

    To Participate:

    1. Have a playable map. Please no maps that you just started a few days ago and have nothing more than a few rooms with no weapons/pickups/lighting etc. It doesnt have to be a completed map, but we are reviewing your map, not your ideas for a map.
    2. Provide me a cooked copy of your map by 3/29 9:00 am Eastern. Message me here with the download link.
    3. Have a Mic so you can join a teamspeak server. Teamspeak is the fastest and most accurate way to convey feedback.
    4. If you would like to playtest in the event we dont have enough mappers to fill a 10 man server, be available in IRC/Teamspeak.

    You can add me on Unreal by the username "PayBack".

    Copy and Paste your name to the end of the list if you would like to participate:

    1. PayBack - CTF
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    Will the session be recorded?

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      I can't join, but feel free to use DM-Archives!
      My maps: DM-Incomplete | DM-Archives | DM-Foundry | DM-Sewage


        Bah, this is my work weekend, so I'll be working while you guys are partying.
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          I won’t be able to join either...
          I would appreciate it thought if you could try DM-Kazan!
          Feedback from playtesting is always welcome!
          Weapons:||Tridium Impaler||