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Bots get stuck on tiny surface.

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    Bots get stuck on tiny surface.

    When they stand on this ledge they just keep standing. Any possibility to enlarge that area? Or do I have to use blocking volume to circumvent the problem.
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    It looks like the attachment image is broken


      Originally posted by Mysterial View Post
      It looks like the attachment image is broken

      Enlarged the area in current version, though the question remains open.


        I've experimented a bit with settings in UTRecastNavMesh-UT trying to get the nav mesh onto smaller areas and the bots using them. Had limited success with it, there are a couple settings that help but not enough. There are lots of surfaces with plenty of room for players to navigate but the navmesh won't cover it and the bots won't go there.

        In particular I have some planks, beams and trim around 100 uu wide that the bots wouldn't go on. In order to get the navmesh onto those surfaces, I had to both increase them to I think it was 120 uu wide and lower a setting in UTRecastNavMesh-UT.

        Cell Size and Max Simplification are the 2 settings I found helped a bit with getting the navmesh on smaller surfaces.

        Cell Size helped the most, it defaults to 19, I found 5 and 10 do help though not enough for some of the surfaces I want bots to use. 1 takes a long time to build and really wasn't much different than 5.

        Max Simplification defaults to 1.3 and doesn't seem to make much difference. The lower the Simplification number the longer it takes to build, it takes a long time at 0.25, I didn't try any lower than that.

        I also tried lowering Tile Size but that defaults to 1000 uu, won't go any lower than 736 uu and didn't seem to make any difference.

        Half the problem is the editor puts a sort of border around the navmesh, automatically reducing the area that can be meshed. Cell Size definitely has something to do with it and Agent Radius probably does too but I didn't want to mess with that (pretty sure that's character collision radius) and couldn't figure out a simple formula for how it's calculated.

        When I run into stuff like this, I start to miss apples, jumpspots and aiscripts. I could really make bots dance with them!

        Meanwhile the braindead bots absolutely refuse to venture onto surfaces even the greenest of noobs can navigate with ease.
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