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can't publish level for some reason.

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    can't publish level for some reason.

    So i decided to do a level for UT to learn about the unreal engine.
    The level i have picked is DM_Morphius. loved this level back in the day
    i know i know. not exactly imaginative. But i need to start somewhere right

    Next i decided to do it all in static meshes instead of using brushes. This way i can add more and more detail as i progress.
    Well long story short i managed to create a vary basic level using SketchUp and Blender (still learning blender).

    The level builds quite fine without any errors except for some lights falling back to dynamic "will fix this later"
    And share this level also comes out without any errors.
    The level is located at Content/RestrictedAssets/maps/DM_Morphius_JFET

    all models and stuff are located at Content/teamDH_assets.

    but when i start up UT and want to test the map it is nowhere to be found.

    What am i doing wrong?

    If you need the event log i can post it separately but it is quite long

    Thank you all beforehand