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level streaming -- can you edit already streamed levels

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    level streaming -- can you edit already streamed levels

    i basically have a 3 tiered level. and each level has its own small streaming with in them,
    but my main question is,

    instead of editing each level chunk individually, i want to have them complete to the point of playable, stream them and so on, and then be able to add things
    like static meshes, textures, kismet stuff, etc.

    essentially my question is can i edit/update the chunks of the level without disrupting the level streaming configuration.

    ex. i have a top level and a bottom level. i have the elevator shaft done, and things are basic meshes with no textures and no scenery meshes, if i have
    them all set up in kismet to stream seamlessly, and i add more scenery like, grass, objects, weapons, etc. will those pieces not be included with the level
    streaming processes? will i have to assign them? can i edit the original chunks in their own file, save them, and they will update?