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    Import UE 4.7 level

    Dear everyone,

    I have tried to find this out for quite a while, but until today I have not found a solution to this problem.
    About 8 months ago I made a 4 player FFA level design for a school assignment for the old UT.

    My level was selected to be developed by artists from school. They did an awesome job in Unreal engine 4.7.
    An idea of us would be to port this level from UE 4.7 to Unreal the new Unreal Tournament editor.

    Is there a way to port the whole UE level to UT without having to rebuild the level? (including meshes, lighting, animations...)

    Thank you in advance.

    I started with a level when it was UE4.1 and had later no trouble to open it with newer UE4 editors and finally the UT editor... It asked me to convert from the old to the new engine and kept both versions in case of a conversionproblem... you should be able to open your level without problems if it has been done with the ego-shooter template. :: My UT3 maps :: German UT3 mapping tutorials :: UT Art :: current UT4 map WIP ::


      Okay nice to hear that there is a way to do this, but could you specify how you did this?
      At this moment I have a UE 4.7 project with multiple levels within it. (the actual levels and some test levels)

      I can not open a level in the UT editor outside the project folder, but putting the original project into the UT project does not seem to work.
      The new folders are simply not visible.


        The filestructure of my older UE4 project looked like this: Projectname/Content/Maps/Mapfile.umap ( it was created with the ego shooter template as mentioned above ).

        I copied these files, along with referenced assets into the UnrealTournament project. The new location is UnrealTournament/Content/Maps/Mapfile.umap ( Maps-directory must be created manually ). This just worked for me. The UT editor is just a little bit modified UE4 editor and its currently at version 4.7 too. :: My UT3 maps :: German UT3 mapping tutorials :: UT Art :: current UT4 map WIP ::