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Has my mesh got many triangles? Any tips on optimisation?

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    [PROTOTYPE] Has my mesh got many triangles? Any tips on optimisation?

    Hi all,

    Has my mesh got to many triangles? Any tips, links on optimisation would be fantastic?
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    cool name, cool looking mesh.
    • Optimisation starts from the beginning.
    • I would guess that an advanced 3D modeller will say yes the vert count is high.
    • Games usually try to balance optimisation and visuals, but some projects purposely use high vert counts for the best possible visual quality.

    What are you using the mesh for? (market place, a map ? other)
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      I using the mesh to make the flooring and walls in my map, would be good to make them suitable for the market too.


        The few suggestions i can give is erase the faces from all models that wont be seen by the player.

        Next reduce the polygon count and use edge softening to mimic high polygon rounded corners.

        And last really think about what you are trying to get across, can you get the same thing across with bump mapped textures and lower resolution assets?