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Round robin shell builds!

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    sketched out a bridge sort-of-thing at the upper level.
    Should function as line of sight division between the levels and also add some distinctiveness to the area.

    there you go Yndi:

    havent put much effort into making clean cylinder bsp, because.. it's just a sketch anyway for now.


      Download here Nick. In a rush sorry so no image.

      Just adding walls and contained the area around the amp so you don't fly out of the level from the lift.
      I deleted a few obsolete notes etc as well.

      Going to be busy soon, so after the next round I gotta sit out for a week maybe more.

      Maybe it'd be a good idea if you guys make a new one and discuss some more rules for the structure?
      I'm hesistant to add any at this point, but if you start afresh with updated rules it'll help I'm sure.


        Yeah, I'm not really sure where to go with it at this point. You guys can skip me this round. I like what you did in the screenshot, rawlph.
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          Are we out of steam on this project?

          If we're not, TKBS, you're up.


            Ok, the answer is probably going to make me feel stupid but it's driving me nuts and I can't figure it out so I gotta ask... How the heck do you open notes to read them?

            And of course, as soon as I ask that... I finally find the text in details panel!


              @ Aniviron Here you go. Sorry i didn't check the thread properly and it took so long.

              @ moxnix, i recommend/ ask politely that you stay away from me/ here after your comments and your questions.
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                Originally posted by TKBS View Post
                @ moxnix, i recommend/ ask politely that you stay away from me/ here after your comments and your questions.
                Dunno what your problem is but w/e.


                  I've just been staring at this and spinning my wheels without making any progress I'm pleased with. In the interests of keeping things moving, I'll pass my turn. Darksteel, your move.


                    Did some minor optimizations, starting to run out of ideas... :/

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