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    It might be taboo subject that long time ago Fortnite Battle Royale(esport event tournaments)(circa since estimate Anno Domini of year 2017) american forum(not in case of polish forum) moved to Reddit,but will Unreal Tournament 4 be moved to Unreal Engine 5 at least by UT4 community unofficially? Will FBR gonna be somehow unofficially modable? Epic People,Can Fly,CCP,Tencent Games Epic Games Launcher/Store shouldn't be anti-consumer shady marketing practises. I heard they are lawsuiting people(such as lawyers) for using aimbots. It seems Epic Games don't care about Unreal Tournament series,Jazz Jackrabbit series at all. Just only saying no offense guys. It's not my fault that FBR is still so popular genre such as online moba,rts,isometric mmorpg genres worldwide PC,modern mobile(cringefest).
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      Is this modding tool gonna work with Unreal 1995(since circa estimate Anno Domini of year of 1995 in the past?) Tech Demo,Metahuman Creator and Unreal Engine 5? Too?
      Also how am I suppose to export this level map to Unreal Engine 1 final build from 1998? Should it be Unreal Vertex Mesh _a.3d/_d.3d,.ase or .t3d?
      Sometimes I have multiple fanmade,nonpublic,private,open source game projects. Do you promise me guys to keep it,please?
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        I think this tool really needs meshes conversion. Please?

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          Yeah, I'd love mesh conversion. There should be an UE5 converter, since UT4 is kinda dead and as you could see with the elevators, creating these events is possible, even without the UT4 assets.
          We should probably unofficialy port the UDK tournament template assets/gui to UE5 or something.
          What I'm trying to say is, if we built it from the ground up, we can get single player working!
          To be continued... hopefully


            MIs this tool gonna work with old,outdated prototype of Unreal Engine 1(also known as Unreal 1995 Tech Demo)? I guess Metahuman creator is part of Unreal Engine 4 and Unreal Engine 5. Like you see I'm a unofficial,fangame developer trying making opensource nonprofit projects. I have multiple visions(in my mind right now that I never thought of in past,but want still to fullfill it in the present and future times) at one so many ideas(struggling a lot-with abandonware,obsolette game projects forgotten by time). Is it true that there are no Blender software plug-ins like some members of Old Unreal Forum told me? This person got banned permanently right there.

            Anyway what kind of 3D lowpoly character is this? Main source is Deus Ex 1 Goty Malkavian Mod.

            We need to help each other as real human beings in this very cyber virtual reality world human during these diffucult,challenging,complicated,hard,tough,extraordinary times "...the right man(more like men in that case of words reinpretations)in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world to change..."-G-Man(quotation catchphrases).
            Thanks to help of user Delacroix so I don't have to even worry anymore that Gildor's modding tool Unreal Model Viewer if for example I'm trying to export(extract game assets from Jazz Jackrabbit 3 tech demo-never finished)game assets it's showing me only textures,icons instead of 3D lowpoly models,3D lowpoly animations.
            It looks there are no .ase,.t3d add-ons for Blender 2.79b.
            It looks like user Skywolf's Blender Vertex Mesh 1.3.4 isn't working on Microsoft Windows 11. Since Windows 10 I have still infected(maybe by some unknown computer,frustrating, annoying hackers)One Drive cloud with ransomware,phishing .vpsh files I don't know how to get rid off it for good. What kind anti-virus programme/application would you like to reccomend me guys? How can I handle,figure out myself with your help guys.
            I tried 3D Milkshape for instance as an example _a.jazz3d file format extension keeps closing(each time automatically when I'm trying to open/import that kind of file) this program. In Facebook Messenger(via direct/private message board) former Epic Games employee Alexander Brandon told me he made lowpoly 3D coins animation in 3DS Studio or Studio Max(I don't remember)in some old youtube videos Cliff Bleszinski stated,mentioned something about Autodesk Lightwave(I didn't try it,yet).

            Another user nicknamed Leo T.C.K leaked new old,outdated Jazz Jackrabbit 3D Tech Demo versions(of cancelled game) versions 240 and 400. So new level editor(quite unstable) powered by Unreal Engine 1 final build got new level editor. I and Delacroix decided to use Unreal Gold and Unreal Tournament 1999/2000 level editors instead. Are .uc file extension formats even editable ones?
            I was trying to talk about not here(that's what I firstly,originally intended to do),but in Old Unreal Forum instead before temporarily ban became permanently served.
            That's why 3d models conversion(convertion)would be very adequate,pretty much useful and very neccessary requirement for people like me. Level maps import aren't enough to people such as only just like me guys and gals. That's what user creator WinterIsComing/UnrealXTXP should consider in present and future times.

            Together we can overcome life's obstacles, pursue our deeply desired dreams, our passions, obstacles of destiny, adversities,goals,purposes in video game industry unofficially speaking of course. Just only to never give up be menthally always physically strong no matter what's gonna happen in past times,present times,future times even including during the end of times(apocalypse of our universe,multiverse even). Speaking of what's above problems,issues with posting attachments in Unreal Tournament 4 Forum could it be something with game servers guys? I made my own fanmade,unofficial,level map recreation it ended up in 2.5D one of level maps from Jazz Jackrabbit 2 The Secret Files 1.24 version instead of 3D like Jazz is in Doom(Doom 2 game mod).
            User Delacroix suggested me saving lowpoly Jazz Jackrabbit 3D models _d.3d/_a.3d file extensions formats as .psk/.psa(I heard about it for a first time in Unreal Development Kit/Unreal Engine 3-I was even once experimenting there with gameplays modes for Jazz Jackrabbit iOS Kismet Tech Demo Tutorial because Epic Games started working their new indie game Fortnite which years later because popular,containing microtransactions maintrain, cringeworthy,cringe,indeed, controversial, mainstream media,warning,attention,hype train,jouvenile,phenomenon of the XXI century),but source code had to be rebuilt(i just had no idea how to do it). Also one more thing some(I've been cyberattacked on Discordapp)Discord bots kickbanned(from multiple several discord servers for alleged spamming reasons automatically offering digitally some Discord Nitro free membership. Opensource,unoffical creator of Sonic Dash Framework nicknamed Galaxy Software(in reality he wouldn't be cyberattacking bullying my hardware devices,hardwares at home) maybe someone or somebody was trying to mimic,impersonate him or her like dark,twisted,grim joke of giving me blackmail,lawsuit digital prank like I guess some hackers were sick pranksters or something else was going on,sinister stuff,like sort of paying for fake money penalties expecting a payment. But how? By using Bitcoin cryptocurrencies or what? Someone was trying to frame me. Perhaps some groups of computer hackers. As you see above this Unreal Vertex Mesh version 1.3.4 Import/Export in Blender isn't I mean aren't visible in these,those screenshots. I think I shared very important message here on this very forum guys.
            Is it some sort threat,computer hacker? Just allow me demostrate it to you,okay please?

            As you see here I even have screenshot of this guy.
            Could it be some malicious,artificial intelligence,bot,evil algorithm? Not only just like in Space Jam 2 A New Legacy by Warner Bros.
            Anyway it looks like someone digitally is trying to I mean forcing me digitally to pay for money penalty without even traditional lawsuit due to unkown,mysterious reasons,but for what exactly? What I've done that someone,somebody is threating me personally.
            This cyber imposter seems to be a digital danger for my smartphone and my own tablet including even my own PC hardwares.
            Also I tried installing Unreal Engine 4 without Epic Games Launcher,but I got GitHub error 404 after creating my new account privately right there. Guys what should I do with it right now? I'm scared it sounds like some sort of cyberpunk science-fiction reality conspiracy theories inception-leveled nightmares of virtual reality.
            I just think someone or somebody is private grooming me,doxxing me,harrassing me,toxic,hateful,stalking me,sexting me,threating me. How that person guys or gals knows my parents? I think that's serious matter,right guys? I'm here to report it here. Could it be just only digital pranks,good scaring,scare tactics for me? Directed towards me guys,right?
            It's not fair guys. It looks like some computer hackers are trying to be insulting me personally. Is some stranger trying to be spamming,treating, shitposting and trolling me?
            Was someone lecturing trying to lecture me? I'm glad that jerk didn't call the police. Should I call them guys? Or not?
            Honestly speaking guys I'm not I.T. professional expert,geek,nerd stereotypical hipster. For instance as an example people such as Arjan Brussee. It looks like some random hackers are offending me,sending digital threats. I've never done any crime guys I swear do you believe me or not? I don't like that. I hate such threats. Dislike them a lot. Speaking of modern innovative technologies. More like technology. Computer hackers existance in nutshell meme like anagram Bill Gates eating peach gags logic inside internet network nowadays these days. Including my family just like such as serious personal threatining. I guess I should I mean I got lucky that computer hackers aren't such self aware uneducated analphabets such as some private some people nowadays on social mainstream media representing some Sonic the Hedgehog fanbase groups nowadays these days guys. I'll have to keep my eyes open,vigilant. Just watch out guys. Just let it be lesson for the others,okay please listen to my good advice in the future for the next time? Stay tuned. Any anti-virus I tried,but it didn't find,detect any suspicious files. I'm just wondering even now who could that be? That's why you would call it database personal theft? Cyber terrorism? At least there are no any hyperlinks still. I just want to feel digital personal relief. I just didn't graduate in any college more like in post-high school secondary profile for 2 years of Information Technology I just didn't pass some exams guys. Some of them where too difficult.
            I guess even for Albert Einstein mathematics and physics were always his weaknessess Achilles' Heel(like one of ancient greek mythologies,old historical interesting legends among King Sisyphous) of his life career in the past. Bad grades. But he changed a way of understanding physical,traditional science years later. I guess Albert Einstein(he calculated relative,relativity theory of gravity) had autistic spectrum as possibly phlegmatic,introvert personality that he had. Has it.
            Is it worth it? I despise myself hate,hating,dislike such sociotechnical threats,warnings on my,even our list. Like what even that two,both hackers were,are talking about? Like seriously? For crying outloud for sake of Dexter's Lab on Cartoon Network.I heard this quote,quatation for a first time in Sonic Satam. That,these,I mean those should be quiet they should just please should someone shut them up their mails, messages,private posted comments. I'll leave it here also to be forever to make these kind of sick,twisted hackers(crime,such well paid,but still intelligent chip microagression,microagressive, futuristic corporate criminals) personally ashamed of themselves. I guess in past I just must have accidentally clicked something right guys? What would you suggest me to do right now? Am I too paranoid guys? My personal computer needs some sort of digital,but none Covid-19 vaccine. Hackers are nuts.
            Anyway back on topic I just have multiple unofficial fangame visions like a visionaire creator. By the way to you am I suffering with neurosis am I menthally sick neurotic (person) personally to you guys by your digital research? Am I also struggling,suffering case of with OCD,ADHD,panickal, schizofrenia,schisophrenia(how to spell it correctly I'm trying to learn english as the best as I could or can,as the fast as I can as none I mean my not primary language not the only I usually speak with to others people online-more like as my secondary one),parkison or parkinson genetical illness,decease very often my hands are shaking like older actor Michael J. Fox,like chronicles former health state of german nazi extremist populist in the past Adolf Hitler (who watched David's Sandberg's as film director movie Kung Fury one?),xenophobia,racism towards chinese communist party like nostalgic,vintage, pro-religious patriotic quantum physics research,ptsd and sinophobia towards chinese people like some sort of anti-racial slur offenssive fetish?
            The Japanese-American-Sino(I mean chinese that Google Translator is still learning languages throught whole entire all life I mean cosmic,space intergalactic Universe-European company Sony also probably had 10 years ago or a bit earlier there was an attack on PlayStation Store / Network. The hackers were, rather, groups called LulzSec and Anonymous.
            That's all so long see ya/you later for today folks. Remember guys,teens,olds,adults, computer hackers are freaks,nuts,maniacs,weirdos to take over the world,mad scientist,knowledge. Bye bye. See ya next tommorrow. My personal computer needs to see with digital doctor,psychologist,psychatrist,right yes guys?
            So what should I do now guys with my own PC? It looks like Microsoft Windows Defender is intending,intend,prentend,pretent to not see any phishing, ransomware files extension,formats? But why? Global government secret our planetary Earth alien extraterrestial E.T.-like elites in nutshell(paranormal activities stuff UFOs',Aliens)like in X-Files tv mini-series,Matrix series.Sorry about that my profusive,profane,profanatic,hyperbole,hyberbolistic, clickbait-esque-like,exagerated,exagerative,grammar,complaining corrections guys. As you see what you just you are reading above I'm not fluent english speaker at least I'm trying. Am I personally addictive,addicted to someone or something? Like I don't know like maybe to technology? Usually personally sometimes less usually my hands are shaking I mean rarely my legs health conditions. What was I mean were the point of hackers blackmailing me personally.? I'm not that smart,clever,intelligent person with very high I.Q. as Agent Q from 007 James Bond book novels,movies, video game series speaking of popculture itself,themselves popcultural references. Am I just talking way too much guys and gals? As for the last one? Deserve attention.
            I just still have some problems with user yrex AlternateEd.exe unofficial opensource,nonprofit,fanmade patch fix for Unreal 1995 Tech Demo 3D Level Editor. By the way I cannot remember(perhaps I'm also suffering with dementia or amnesia)user Delacroix told me once what Unreal 1995 Tech Demo had file formats extensions of 3d lowpoly models and 3d lowpoly animations,but I forgot. This game mod(could it be destined for cross-play platforming like milkshake(which means something more like digital mix than ordinary,normal drink purposes?)it was made in IdTech 1 game engine as Doom 2 game mod(imagine path tracing,ray tracing guys how awesome that could be).

            However if you want you can inspect,check this problematic,computer security issues. But anti-virus programs/applications even if they are mounted(only one application is)during scan were or even not detecting any suspicious hackers(cyber terrorists) activities. I'm trusting you guys.
            It looks like some different person impersonated,mimicqued(mimicquer),some sort of impersonator,imposter(spit on him-just kidding it was one of quotes,catchphrases of VR Chat Ugandan Knuckles meme gag of virtual reality).
            Guys my memories have been refreshed those were aniv.3d and data.3d file extension formats dedicated to Unreal 1995 Tech Demo.
            Should Jazz Jackrabbit 3D as cancelled Tech Demo be revived on PC Epic Games Store as unofficial,open source,fangame,nonprofit,creative common licence,fangame project?

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              Users Delacroix and I decided to stay away from Epic Games Launcher Storefront. That's what we both decided in private/direct message mode via Discordapp. Deos user Gildor's tool Unreal Model Viewer got some sort of DRM protections.? That's what I heard of in some Youtube video(in one of many YouTube videos)somewhere from someone or somebody else. I had to duplicate a comment(make a new one)because I had no place left I've ran,run out of free text space in this very forum. so I made a new one posted comment instead of previous above older one. By quoting catchphrase from Lucas Film Disney vision of Star Wars expanded universe classic series reboot of original trilogy sequel saga reinterpreting(reinterpretation of his words)Kylo Ren/Ben Solo "I will finish what Arjan Brussee,Cliff Bleszinski,Dean Dodrill started and nothing will stand in my way sire,your majesty(because in cancelled third Jazz Jackrabbit video game installment he would be a King royal ruler and husband of planet Carrotus)father/dad of six bunnies/hares/rabbits(in reality in future chinese-american Agenda 2030 wouldn't allow them to have so many kids). Teenage Princess Eva Earlong(future ruler such as like in old Archie Sonic Comics Mobotropolis Kingdom 25 or 30 years later has been ruled by Queen Sally Acorn and King Sonic Acorn) would become a Queen,mother/mum of six bunny kids. Long live the King Jazz Earlong and Queen Eva Earlong.Back in my days we used to have no new indie games such as Battle Royale,RTS,MMORPG,Moba isometric video game games within PC streaming(there was no such thing in past),mobile games...etc.
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