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    Hello community

    I would like to present you my new project: UT map database website

    There are lot of maps now made by all of you and I think forum is not best solution to search, download and see all maps.
    So I take couples hours to do a simple exemple website, same colors code to the official UT website, very easy, easy search with tag (like TDM/DUEL..Egypt/SciFi...) and direct showing maps.
    I'm not a web dev so I can't really do more. So If someone, or official epic staff, want to do project like that, it's can be super cool.

    What do you see and thing about a project like that?

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    DM-Campground_Intel QuakeLive | DM-Placebo_effect Quake 4
    Feel free to email me :

    This is a really cool idea, but my issue is that it may not be of very much use when Epic completes the marketplace in the future. Until then, the largest struggle would be getting people to actually use your website. I like the idea, though, and hope that you get some more users


      Nice work! Keep it up! Site has a few teething issues but really awesome idea


        It would be great to have something like this that could be inclusive of the amazing wealth of maps that exist for previous versions of UT as well. Those are not as easy to locate and preview as they once were. As for UT4 maps, won't the Marketplace pretty much have this functionality and be the source people will use for maps?