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So i been working on my first ever map...

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    [PROTOTYPE] So i been working on my first ever map...

    And i.l.guess im getting better at it?

    I wanted to pick up some kind of profession, and game designing seemed to have been the only thing i could progress at so i decided to work with it....

    Using this new engine i decided to start small and work simply on a map

    For my prototype i wanted to keep a simple symmetrical map as with CTF maps i feel its unfair if both bases are different as one team might get a advantage or disadvantage towards the other team

    This acted as a simple prototype for the grand idea, two bases with multiple ways to retrieve the opposing team flags that both teams have access too

    Sadly this prototype failed as you can see with the red base that i did a horrible job with the lighting..thus red base was submerged in darkness while Blue base has all the sun light

    This was done before i learned HOW to move the sun...So this version was remade into this...

    I tried to make it more of a indoor map with the middle ground being a courtyard...the two bricks on the sides were going to be paths in which the players could cross to get into the enemy team's base

    So instead of everyone begin forced into the middle ground they could take the alternative routes to get into the base, which i was thinking would make a better flow and allow more options for players to retrieve the flag and get out alive

    The idea was scraped before i could even get around to building the bases due to i had no god **** idea how to make the idea work overall..with base layout and the overall visual appeal

    So i moved on to the current idea and i think i got something going...


    The first picture is possibly the most appealing shot i have in this level..this being the sniper area in which snipers can support their team crossing the catwalks to the enemy base

    the second picture was a overhead shot just to show..well the map..the ground level serves no purpose in game play other than killing your *** if you fall off and really is just there for visuals

    The third picture is the main room of the base, the stairs on the right lead up to the sniper area while the stairs in the back lead you to the top of that block were the flag is being kept

    Pretty straight forward, but i face issues with options for players to take when trying to get into the opposing base....

    Ideas i have considered was opening 2 additional lanes on both sides of the base that curve rather than go straight

    That or add launch pads to the roofs of the buildings that allow players to go in from above, but i fear this will allow flag carriers to quickly transverse the map with little risk at all from the enemy rather than forcing them to fight though the gauntlet to get back to their base

    I appreciate any ideas on what to add to this map idea, really im just trying to learn how to make a map, but i really want to make a map with a good flow

    Also i want some tips on how to make the map look better, i cant help but make the level look blocky all the time, and i want to make it more interesting and colorful really

    That or call me **** and discourage me from trying any further, either or :x

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Level Design

    I have no professional experience, only as a hobby, just so you know. Having that said, some tips:

    Do you know how to substract? It seems all you brushes are 'additive', so you add matter. You can also make brushes 'substractive', that way you can carve a shape out of another additive shape. So instead of placing a floor, a ceiling and four walls, you'd add one big cube, and substract a small cube inside it. Opens up a lot of possibilities.

    I can only judge by the screenshot, but I think your last CTF map will have poor flow. Players need a lot of pathways, different methods of getting somewhere. Now, if you want to go to the opposing flag. The are two options:

    1. Crossing a narrow bridge with clear shots from snipers, and walls that make you vulnerable form splashdamage (i.e. rocket launchers).
    2. Well, same as 1.

    I realise UT99's CTF-Hydrosis has something very similar, but the place is more open, there are no railings on the bridge. Same with CTF-Face, also pathways, but much more room to dodge and there is a slope, hiding you from opposing people at the floor level. If you want to proceed with this concept of two towers, maybe you could add more pathways? One above the reach of snipers? One hidden away from snipers? One open to snipers, but with plenty of room to dodge them rockets?

    Also one tip, especially when just starting: Make small goals, something realistic to achieve. Even if it's just as practice, make a small CTF map, two bases, some boxes in the centre, some sniper holes. Really clean and simple. And finish it. It helps you get and stay motivated.

    When it's time, you can start worrying about your designs being to blocky!

    As mentioned, many people here have much more knowledge on this than me, but I hope this can get you started


      Regarding the lighting, put a Skylight actor in there too. Think of it as ambient light, it'll soften shadows and help light poorly lit areas better.