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[Help] Share tool. Cooking package taking too long +Black Screen error on custom map.

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    [Help] Share tool. Cooking package taking too long +Black Screen error on custom map.



    Recently I tried to use the tool of "share" to be able to cook my map, but it is taking way too long. I left it for 3 hours and well, I got a crash and all lost. Still, I am not sure if that is normal, since it's a very small map. I also cannot open my map in-game without doing the share process. I built my map, and it toke like 6 minutes to build, but still nope. Seems like it is not working for some reason. If I try to do so, I get a black-screen. If I press click, I can hear the count-down but after that nothing. All black.

    But don't focus in the crash. I needed to do something else and by my impatience I caused it. Everything was working well, but still... 3 hours to cook a package for a small map, hmm. I believe I am doing anything wrong. I had been using UDK for a while and never experienced something like this, but I am brand new to UE4. I love Unreal Engine 4 but that timing is giving me a headache because I am not sure if it's normal or if I did something wrong. I would appreciate if anyone know what is happening.

    I like to map. I had never used UDK for a huge project.

    I hope to get an answer from this post. Thanks a lot.
    Best Regards!

    Note: I built this small map with almost 99% static meshes from UE4. I didn't used BSP on the process. If I did was minimum, like 1%. Probably that's the problem.
    The second thing is that the map is playable on the editor, but the bots don't do anything when I add them while in the editor. I really believe I broke something.
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    Originally posted by JamyzGenius View Post
    I also cannot open my map in-game without doing the share process.
    This is true. The Share button (same as cooking the map, like in earlier editors) is necessary in order to open the map in-game. If you crashed during a cook, it probably corrupted your file so it's giving you a black screen.

    I don't think I have an answer, but for perspective, any time I create a new map (even just a simple BSP shell) the first cook can take 1-2 hours. Subsequent cooks are much faster. Even when the result is a tiny 4MB file the cook takes a long time. Now if you have a huge map I don't know how that will affect cook time. Maybe someone can comment on how long cooking something like Outpost takes?
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      Yeah, this time I just let the cook to work and I just went out to take a walk. It takes time, but it is tricky as-well. Tricky because if you for example did an error on your map and something weird appear in-game. It's messed up, but still is good to get serious with level design. Thanks for the reply.