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How should I get more starter Materials for mapping?

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    How should I get more starter Materials for mapping?

    Just got back into UT4 mapping after a year of Hiatus (back then, it was a github ordeal only, if I recall) and I had a quick question about materials. I've got the starter content from when I open the editor, but I was wondering if there was a quick place/way to get additional materials for basic mapping.

    Obviously free is best, especially since this is for the purpose of Modding UT4, as opposed to designing my own Unreal Engine game (which I will be doing later this year as a part of my capstone). Is there a way to use the basic materials from the other maps in UT, or is that frowned upon?
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    You can purchase them.

    You can attempt to find free ones on the internet. Maybe searching for "PBR" materials might help with that.

    You can make your own (Zbrush? Mudbox?).

    Either way, you'll need to familiarize yourself with the Material editor most likely. And to answer your questions, sure you can use materials from the other maps in UT. But you might find it difficult finding any of the normal maps, speculiarity maps, etc for the previous UT materials and getting them into UT4 Editor.
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      Click → Start here: ← Epic's Documentation

      • Additional info: normal maps can be generated from heightmaps and can be set to DTX5 if you are not attempting to provide support for devices other than Windows PC (phones etc)
      • Useful Note: don't worry about specular maps, they generally are not needed anymore as they are more of a resource waste than a gain and now we have PBR methods, math material expression values and a multiply node is all you need tbh.
      • New to UE4: have a go at the new roughness maps if you like

      Existing Examples:
      There are many packages available inside the Unreal Engine, and the UTEditor engine, 99% of the UDN material information is transferable
      The market place has many material setups available.

      Useful old nodes:
      • Lerp; used for blending

      Useful new nodes:
      • these are all the nodes that perform functions more similar to stuff like photoshop, there's alot, i have barely touched half of them

      Google is useful.

      Shaders and Instances
      I normally create myself a nice large pack of Shaders for various materials, with UE4 you can almost make 1 shader to cover all material purposes using material instances. Some exceptions may apply for water and unlit materials, various other circumstances etc.

      Have fun
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