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    THX bud for your feedback

    Odd, I never encounter an issue with that pickup. I did a 6 mins playtest alone to check that and I was fooling around shooting everywhere just to use all my ammos of all weapons and I could collect all the ammos of all weapons at all time. Sorry bud, your the first to report me that and I couldn't reproduce the issue But, I'm happy you like the map (I'm a huge fan of liftjumping too, most of my maps have that playability )
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      Happy to feedback

      Did a little more testing. At first after collecting the sniper I can pick up the ammo. After that I can pick it up again, however the ammo doesn't increment. If I spend all sniper ammo then go to collect it, I cannot pick it up, the ammo mesh remains, as if I'm full or I don't have the weapon. All in all its a very minor issue, and your map is still lots of fun
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