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Pointless Doors

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    Pointless Doors

    Ok so let me start of by declaring this was never entended to be a real map, I made this more or less as a joke i was just experimenting with blueprints and some othere junk also it was also a throw back to the pain of making door in doom from like 15 years and a simmler map i made in the doom engien. Soo yeah i made this map in like 2 hours and stupidly brought it to work to play test as the feed back was "Oh yeah this is cool you have all the functions down, You should finish it and put it on the fourm" so a weekend lator and i came up with this i also split the map off and had a go at making it into a CTF map and balancing weapon placement but, i really have no idea what im doing there so that will need propper play testing.

    All the info there is abort this map :P
    Pointless doors its a room with 4 doors the opens up to a room with 4 more doors and so on and on and on

    Screenshot There's not much to look...

    Game.ini Stuffs I dont expect anyone to play this map on a server but, as the bots really dont know what to do with doors its might be a good idea to play test this with othere humans... if you can find any
    Side notes
    To be honest CTF-PointlessDoors is like 99% complete as i still have to work out how to make some more stuff team based and balance the weapons a bit more

    also if this map picks up and people really like it and UT4 get some detailed assets for doors ill reskin this to be UT theamed not Doom theam >__<
    Last edited by MobCat; 05-24-2017, 10:26 PM. Reason: Fixed map properties and heath vile placement for CTF-PointlessDoors also fixed the game ini stuffs :P

    -__- le sigh just checked CTF-PointlessDoors inside UT4 after i packed it for UT4 0.1.11 and none of the world propitys saved propley -__- ill fix it and reupload it tommrow im out of time for today


      Thanks for sharing some more of your works with the rest of us MobCat!
      Explosive High Voltage UT99


        OK so by tommrow i mean 2 days lator >__< sadley for some reason i can't call the map file by ver number for some reason its not compileing but yeah everething lese i noticed is fixed


          I just love the story behind this map.

          Rich lore 5/5

          *Grabs Flak*