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    THX for your support, as always my friend

    All my maps as been updated on my blog in the last 2 months. Guess what?? No one as post something on Epic, neither on my blog, neither on facebook, neither on Discord. Your the first to poste something here. I'm not hoping for any feedback of no one. Even you my friend and all my other friends didn't post something since ages here, or at my map updates at my blog I thought you and all my other friends stopped playing UT since the lack of activity / support.

    I feel I'm the only one who is playing my own map so I have no faith anymore. Not even sure I'll share any future map because of that lack of feedback. To bad.
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      I feel exactly the same way playing your maps! I even start to notice the bots behaving humanlike at times and sure haven't given up faith.

      Operational resilience in gaming isn't thought yet EPIC's shelving of this UT teaches us mei banfa.

      It's a gaming phenomenon not worth try'n to analyze, simply too many variables to contend with. Unless you have some AI handy.

      Just keep doing what you do, I'll try to keep up.

      Explosive High Voltage UT99