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Is it OK to have predominantly BSP in a final map release?

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    Originally posted by wARmAcH1n3 View Post

    Thanks for your advice, but I don't understand why I should set the LightMapResoultion to max and not to keep it at default. The default LMR value wouldn't block GI too?

    What's about a unlit material? I have read somewhere, that I should to use a unlit material at the unseen faces. I use the material "M_Shell_SolidBlack" (Game/RestrictedAssets/Environments/ShellResources/Materials/Misc/M_Shell_SolidBlack.M_Shell_SolidBlack) for example at a BSP brush face, which is concealed behind static mesh and not seen.
    LMR increase on non-visible faces (that do not impact shadows) = cost reduction to build and run. This is a pre-conversion question & answer from BSP to Static Mesh.

    The material you list does not block GI by default, the light would pass through it.

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      I think people mess up with BSP because they don't know what it is about.

      StaticMesh DO have Dynamic Occlusion and BSP don't. For me that is the biggest difference in performance.

      I just starting Unreal Engine but I'm coming from SPARK Engine from Unknown world. In Spark, you have to make specific Occlusion Blocks between the rooms. Those blocks only have the function to make "things behind" disapears.

      I'm pretty sure you can use the same method for Unreal Engine.

      Also, I'm pretty sure BSP use GPU Core clock and Mesh use GPU Memory Clock - so the best is to use both of them.

      This tutorial will help you understand