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Creating my first map

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    Creating my first map


    This is my very first time trying to create a map (for any game) from scratch.
    I have made a basic blockout and feel like it might be interesting, but also way to big. (weapon bases and lighting are temporary/for testing)
    How would I improve my level or what do I look for if I were to restart from scratch? Where did I make mistakes

    All feedback big/small is appreciated.


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    In general terms, you need to have something at each bunny-hop distance.

    This could be:

    1: A door.
    2: An opening.
    3: A pickup/powerup/weapon.
    4: A corner.
    5: An opportunity...
    5(a) to escape
    5(b) to control/guard an area
    5(c) to chase

    As each person playing your level will calculate distance based on these points, if the map has them, it will seem/appear/feel as if it has 'flow'; if not, it won't.

    This is why some people will swear that subtractive brushes are ├║ber, as when they build a map they are bunny hopping back and forth and creating the above POI based on this 'projective' POV.

    So, bunny hop around the map and see how distance is judged using your own projection of the environment.

    Just my two cents...

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      It has been a long time...

      I've made 4 new blockouts until I had a result that I found good enough, had to reinstall UT, forgot to backup my files, made two more blockouts and now have something that I am at least 20x more proud of than the blockout I showed Before.
      The way I am now planning to make my level is in and on a cruiseship. I consider the blockout almost finished (will tweak if necessary) and am now busy with building the materials, textures, maps and props. I was wondering which things to make best (so it fits in a sci-fi environment) and what look to give the whole map...

      I really want to know how to make a good water texture as the tutorials I've found did not help me a lot.

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        The ship lookss great! From th shots it does seem a little small, make sure there is planty of room to frag,fight,dodge,jump,slide and so on.
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          Originally posted by Klaas_B. View Post
          I also really want to know how to make a good water texture as the tutorials I've found did not help me a lot.
          Have you looked at the Water Planes demo for the Unreal Engine editor or watched the video that goes with it?

          Above link is the video, the demo can be downloaded from launcher in the Unreal Engine "Learn" tab. To open and edit the demo, you need the engine editor installed.
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