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Jump heights - a little help please

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    Jump heights - a little help please

    I live in a big city (almost 5,000 squ. miles) and being old and stubborn, I don't use GPS and even if I feel lost I never ask directions of anyone.
    I just adventure on until I recognize a landmark.
    I have often won cross city car rallies that way.

    But I have two young sons that I am teaching the new UT editor.
    And they are enjoying it a lot.
    But I only have so much time, and I cannot afford to bore my kids.

    So I am asking for direction.

    I need to know how high it is possible to jump, using all the current 'trick' jumps.
    Maybe you can kindly help me out, save my time, and keep my two young editors keen.
    The coolest thing is the high speed and massive jump height possible on well built maps.
    So we are mapping to include that, a lot.

    I am using time late at night (with boys asleep) to get answers.
    I know that a slope/ramp jump can go as high as 450 and as long as 600 from a ramp sloping 51 through 56 degrees to the floor.
    A ramp at 60 degrees to the floor gives a jump 450 high but only 400 long.
    A ramp at 45 degrees give no ramp jump at all.
    Our maps will make it easy for players, and so we will use 51 degree ramps to jump up 400 units and forward 600 units - that looks the coolest (I am told).

    Now, despite having played the Unreal games forever, I never got really good at wall jumps.
    Thank you so much Epic, for not including all the double jump variants.
    I have played with Pro CTF teams however, and I know prodigious heights are possible.

    Can anyone please tell me what the maximum heights and distance are for wall dodge jumps, etc?

    Or the best distance between two walls for continuing wall dodges.

    And so on.

    It might mean I don't spend all my late nights trying to get antiquarian fingers to co-ordinate some pretty complex moves.
    And with more sleep I can do a better job of creating wonderful young mappers.

    Any help with all the heights, distances and limits for trick jumps (as currently implemented) would be hugely appreciated.
    Thank you!

    Sounds like you are getting very technical with your map design, I would really advise against that right now. While movement is mostly completed, it could change at any time again. Most people arent going to know this information, when I am working on a map, its mostly just trial and error. If I want to setup a trick jump or something I build it and test it, if I need to move or resize something, I do it and then test again till i get the desired results.


      Thank you. I will listen.
      It's just my skillz are enfeebled, these days. And I was never very good at CTF. So I was hoping to shortcut the slower process.
      And I will make all jumps easily adjustable in preparation for any changes.

      BTW - my latest tests:
      I can now wall jump dodge for 1500
      I can slope/ramp jump for 1200 measured from the base of the ramp forward (ramp 100 high and 55 degrees elevation)

      [Edit: I always so admired the incredible speed and skillz of the Pro CTF players. I would love to make a map those peeps would enjoy.
      And ordinary players would enjoy too.]
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        use the navigation viewing mode for details of what is and is not possible.

        DM-PSi ; DM-Genku ; DM-Untold Storage ; DM-Station (WIP) ; DM-HeatRay Physx (WIP)

        DM/TSD-Formidable (WIP)


          Thank you for reminding me about navigation view mode. I am still learning.
          Today I am learning to use UTWallDodgePoint, so I will need both to see how that works.
          Thanks again.