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Basic Questions: NoEditor and WIP Maps dont work

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    Basic Questions: NoEditor and WIP Maps dont work

    Hi, my problem is i dont understand the Prefix NoEditor in some WIP maps here. what does it means?

    The second problem is: on Windows there is noch Path named: C:/Users/%UserName%/Documents/UnrealTournament/Saved/Paks/DownloadedPaks there is only a path called: C:/Users/%UserName%/Documents/UnrealTournament/Saved/DownloadedPaks

    When i put some WIP Maps in there, it doesent work. But why?

    Does it need some repacking or something, and how can i realize it? (im completly newbie and just want to test these amazing maps) :\

    NoEditor is just a naming convention. About all it means is that the pak files are intended to be played in the UT game which doesn't come bundled with an editor.

    All custom maps built with the previous version of the editor (4.8) have to be rebuilt with the 4.11 editor to play them in the 4.11 game. Unfortunately 4.11 has a bug leading to huge increases in map filesizes and holding most mappers back from releasing new versions... Nobody wants to release (or download) a 500 MB map when they know it'll be less than 200 MB once that bug is fixed.

    Once an editor fix for that is out there should be a flood of new map versions coming out right behind it.
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      Hey thanks okay sounds great, so i'll be just waiting once that new version has raised of editor


        PS: Is there a way to rebuild the pak files for me?

        Ive found an UnPaker tool, so can i just import the umap file oder folders to the UTEditior?