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Problems with basic environment lighting

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    Problems with basic environment lighting


    I've been working in the editor for quite some time without issue. However, today, every time I try to add a basic environment lighting set-up to an existing or new (blank) level, It seems to break.

    I am adding a Post Process Volume, Skylight, Directional Light and Atmospheric Fog and have tried both copy/pasting from the Post and Lighting Example map found in Content\RestrictedAssets\Maps. As well as creating my own from scratch.

    The lighting I am trying to achieve is this (from the Post and Lighting Example Map):

    But when I copy/paste the assets into a new level it gives me this:

    And if I create a blank level and drag and drop the lighting components from the Place panel, it gives me this (Also the scene is only lit at all after I drop the fog in, If I delete the fog, it goes black):

    I'm not sure if this is due to something I have mistakenly done, or if it is a bug. Hopefully someone can help!

    Yeah I was getting this too, not sure why. It was only on certain maps too. I'll take another look into it and let you know if I work anything out!


      Thanks for taking a look

      Just to clarify, this is happening on every new map I make. Also, If I remember correctly, there was an update to the engine only a few days ago and It has only been happening since then.

      I also came across this post in the UE4 answer hub a moment ago, which looks to be very similar, if not the same issue, albeit the problem was found on the Mac version. (I'm using PC)


        Try adding a skysphere copied from one of the stock maps.. Outpost23 is a good one. In fact it's probably simplest to just copy everything you want from the same map... Skysphere, ppv, skylight, directional light and fog. Or just the opposite which will get you all the world settings from the map too, save a stock map under a new name (DM-Test or whatever floats your boat) and delete everything except the skysphere, ppv, skylight, directional light and fog.

        Then rebuild all and see how it looks.