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Landscpare, Paint, Invis and Foliage Not Working.

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    Bump! The invis layer finally started to work after a few builds, but my paint tool options are still all greyed out and my meshes still don't show.

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    I followed this tut to make the landscape materiel.

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  • started a topic Landscpare, Paint, Invis and Foliage Not Working.

    Landscpare, Paint, Invis and Foliage Not Working.

    OK this is driving me nuts. I've followed tutorials but nothing seems to work.

    I have a map I'm working on for the MapCore contest, It's all Terrain.

    I would like to make the unused terrain invisible, I would also like to be able to paint the terrain and use the foliage tool. How on earth can I get all that to work?

    Problems I'm encountering.

    1. Terrain invis mask works, but only with simple materials.
    2. After creating a height map material, but I'm unable to use my invis mask material.
    3. The height map materials do not show up in the paint tool, I don't even get an option to add materials or textures, everything is greyed out.
    4. I added meshes to the foliage tool, but no meshes appear on the terrain after painting them in, not unless I go under the terrain slightly and very close to where I painted, even when I do that they only stay viable for about half a second. This happens when using both the stock meshes and imported ones. Large meshes show, small meshes like grass and flowers and even rocks don't show.

    My Paint Panel

    My landscape material.

    my landscape invis material.

    How the terrain looks with both landscape and hole material added.

    What am I doing wrong?
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