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Making of CTF-LostTomb Design - with commentary

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    [OFFICIAL TUTORIAL] Making of CTF-LostTomb Design - with commentary

    Sup guys, I've been working on a new level for an experimental game mode, only this time I decided to record myself working on it, I've produced a commentary style video of it's development, every session was fully captured. It's sped up 5x, because in the end it was about 30 hours of work, I feel that speed works quite well so you can somewhat understand what is going on with the addition of commentary.

    Hope this is helpful for some of you guys, and you can laugh at my chaotic process

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Part 5

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    Cool, it's nice to see this kind of stuff for new mappers just starting out.

    Good video, good sharing with the community.
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      Thanks for sharing this Chris!
      WIP - Maps (UT - Build


        Cool a new CTF Shell when coming in the Pre Alpha Chris?


          Looking forward to playing it. And good idea with the vid.


            Thanks for sharing Chris, it's super useful to see your workflow and thoughts and designing around problems as they come up. Seeing the way someone else builds their BSP makes me realize some ways I go about it that are pretty inefficient and create way more work for me further down the line. Also good to know how you make rock forms in BSP as well, completely straight forward.

            Especially looking forward to you covering sound because that's something I've not even begun to think about in UE4.


              The shell is for the Flag Run Gamemode?


                [MENTION=12670]Chris UT4[/MENTION], correct.

                The next part is up, more coming soon!


                  added part 3


                    Thanks for making these videos!
                    It's very helpful to see an experienced designer talk you through the workflow and design decisions while seeing it take shape.
                    It makes me think how to improve my own workflow and levels as well!
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                      Yes is very cool i hope were see the Map soon in the Pre Alpha


                        Watching these between lighting builds is good fun.

                        I would say you use the phrase "y'know" quite a lot!

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                          Awesome thanks for this


                            Not found time to watch all of these yet, but the ones I've watched so far have been great!

                            I was wondering if you had a specific Spotify playlist you listen to (and if so if you could share it, I'm currious), you mentioned the Halo OST at one point, it's on my current working playlist too


                              I look forward to part 4... One thing I will say is that after watching this, I'm starting to feel a lot more comfortable working with just the 3d view.