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    Rebuild the geometry and the navmesh should normally fix such problems.

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    DM bot AI

    Hey all,

    Up until now, I've only been working on CTF maps. Now that I'm giving DM a go, I have a question about playtesting WIP DM maps with bots.

    In my CTF maps, the bots actually pursue the objective and play intelligently. In my DM map, my experience, even with higher difficulty bots, is that they mostly just run around in circles, run out of Enforcer ammo, and use the Impact Hammer on each other. Mostly around their spawns. Even after some major geometry iterations.

    Bots also don't:
    - explore the map vertically
    - work towards pickups

    I have a navmesh that blankets the entire level.

    So what I'm wondering is if this is just a shortcoming of the bots' AI, or if its a product of my poor level design?