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Video: The Abstract Deconstruction of de_dust2 - Bauer Design Solutions

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    Video: The Abstract Deconstruction of de_dust2 - Bauer Design Solutions

    Alright, time for part 2 and this time I thought makes sense to run through a lengthy example of a classic map everyone should know.

    In case you missed part 1:
    or my channel introduction:

    Please share, like and subscribe. It takes a lot of time to create such videos and any support is highly appreciated.
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      As a CSS player, Dust2 is definitely an extremely popular map. I usually play on 3 servers (3 different teams and gaming communities) and they all use Dust2 to atttract players and when they have enough they try different maps. That said, I wouldn`t use Dust 2 as a prime exemple of a good map or great level design. Dust2 is a very repetitive and boring map, because most of the fights take place between one entrance and another with not much happening in between. The level mainly consists of chokepoints and severely lacks flanking routes. For smart gameplay and tactics, flanking route are essential. Unfortunately, a lot of maps in the Counter-Strike series were designed that way with long paths and chokepoints. There are a few remakes of Dust2 that feature additonal paths that really help to step up the level design to another level, more modern as well.

      By example, De_Dust2_Village isn`t perfect, the B site could be better designed, but overall the map is better than the original. I`ve seen a similar remake of Office for Counter-Strike Source, but I can`t remember the name.

      If you are looking for good maps, the following games had really good ones:

      - Quake Live
      - UT series
      - Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
      - Titanfall series
      - Soldier of Fortune 2
      - Rainbow Six: Vegas 2
      - Halo 2
      - Halo 5
      - Battlefield 2142
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