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Easy level design material for you guys :)

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    Note: This still works in unreal engine 4.25. Just extract the files to your project Content directory and open the material, re-link the Grid Texture to use the imported texture asset.


      I just wanted to say that this has increased my productivity so much. Not having to realign materials, or apply different materials to floors and ceilings is such a godsend. Thank you for making this.

      If I have one suggestion, it's to continue improving visibility. It's already quite visible with the fake lighting effects, but what about some kind of outline effect for outlining the edges of BSP? Can this be improved by exaggerating AO, or implementing a fresnel? I'm going to try tinkering with the material.
      It's actually a valid point. It really increased productivity and gives more time for developing other features. And if already consider about productivity and game dev processes, can you say how much time do you spend per day for game development? I'm considering for simple cooperation with some game studios for getting some results and solutions in my game project. I could discovered game outsourcing iLogos studio, which possess themselves like real professionals of game dev industry. Have you heard something about them, maybe do you have an experience of cooperating with their departments? I think it would be cool to order some developing processes or making some game art using their solutions, cause dozens of examples and achievements on their website look outstanding.
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        Thank you for these useful materials, Roel. But even though it is impossible to design great levels if you have no experience or if you EA level designer)