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Map naming convention and best practice?

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    I 'think' I may have found the answer if anyone can confirm.
    I gave the map a name in the World settings with -alpha-v0.1 on the end and when I cooked it and loaded up UT the world setting name was the name I got in the map list.

    Does this also work when you share your levels?

    UE4 and the cooking process is completely new to me (haven't built any maps since UT2004 back in literally 2004

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  • started a topic Map naming convention and best practice?

    Map naming convention and best practice?

    If I've created a map in the UT4 editor called say DM-ArenaLevel.
    How does the iteration process work so I can cook the map and release version for example called:

    Do I have to save the map as a new level each time in the editor?
    Do you have any control over the cooking process to name the finished map differently than its called in the editor?

    Thanks for any assistance.