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    Help Needed Please

    Im kinda new to Untreal Tournamnet editor . I was trying to make some custom maps and try them out, but for some reason the bots spawned dont move. here is what i tried :

    0. saved level as DM-BasicLevel inside Restricted content/Maps folder
    1. Created a box
    2. Set UTTeam Player Start at opposite corners
    3. One spawn point was designated as team 0 and the other as team1
    4. Run game inside editor

    Game Runs but bots spawned on both sides are in red team and they dont move.

    Any ideas for the fix or on what im doing wrong?

    Welcome to the forum @TheRisingPhoenix

    Maybe you still need to place a Nav-Mesh Bounds Volume around your map?, then build Paths.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	NAV_mesh-bounds-volume.jpg Views:	1 Size:	318.1 KB ID:	394841

    About the PlayerSpawns (Teams), try cooking the map (Share-Button in Menu), and test in-game. (you'll find your map under "Custom")

    Cooking a map for the first time can take hours.
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