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Where to put my maps?

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    Where to put my maps?

    I know the forums are kind of dead but I gotta try. When creating my own UT4 map exactly where should I save the map? Under "C:\Program Files\Epic Games" I have an "UnrealTournament" and an "UnrealTournamentEditor" folder. They both have a "Content" folder. My guess would be to use the non-editor one but I'm not sure that's correct. Does it even matter?



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      Thanks Mitch. Now I have a follow up question. How do I get that folder to show in the save or load or content menus? I searched all over and couldn't find an option to use anything outside of the folder it renames as "Game", which in my case is "C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UnrealTournamentEditor\UnrealTournament". Am I missing something obvious? Also, there is no "Paks" folder in that location. I can create it ofc but just thought it was worth mentioning.


        The directory Mitch posted is where your maps end up after hitting the share this level button, in the editor while working on my maps i save them to the same place epics maps are but as far as i know theres no reason you couldnt just make a folder in the content folder called BingerMaps or something like that to save them into while your working.
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          Aw, thank you, Genesis. I should have made it clear that I meant when working on it and not when sharing it. I made my own folder off of /Game/ for my maps and also any Epic assets that I change.

          Thanks to both of you. I appreciate the replies.