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Help - Forcing Save Package... Hanging Up On Certain Assets?

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    Help - Forcing Save Package... Hanging Up On Certain Assets?

    Hi everybody, fairly new to the editor and brand new to the forums (as this is the one problem I haven't been able to youtube my way out of hah).

    I made a paintball map+weapon mod and I'm at the point where I'm ready to package it.
    When I test the map in editor everything works great, however when I try to package it, it hangs up on "Forcing save package" on certain assets, usually ones I've modified. I've tried both "share level" and "share weapon", same result for both.
    I have removed the custom weapon from the map and it packaged successfully, but I'm trying to figure out why the weapon just doesn't want to work. Perhaps it's where some of the assets of the weapon are located?

    File path of one of the trouble assets
    ( UnrealTournament/Content/RestrictedAssets/Proto/UT3_Weapons/WP_BioRifle/Materials/M_BioPAINTBALLyellow.uasset )

    Am I just not allowed to use things in the restrictedassets folder even if I change them completely?
    What can I change in these assets to get it to package?
    Is it something else completely?


    You can use pre-existing assets as-is without modification. To modify existing assets, copy and rename the asset first, then modify only the new copy. For weapon mods, a nice way to stay structured is to create directory for you new weapon and drag original assets you wish to modify to the directory: a prompt will appear then and you can select "Copy Here" For some modification to some materials, an instance parameter or few may already be available and you can create a material instance instead of full copy. If you saved a bunch of epic content modified, you may have to reinstall original versions of the uassets.