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    Interesting level ideas?

    Hello there, as much as I like to learn about level desing there is one question I would like to ask.

    "What would be a good setting?"

    For me, I would think about basing a level off of say like a famous location somewhere in the world? Like in Brazil, Italy, Japan or Vegas.

    What setting would you choose for a Unreal Tournament level?

    The interesting thing with Unreal Tournament is that you can chose any place on Earth but there's no limit to your imagination. Think for example that at the time it takes place Earth has colonies. You can bet that those are class M planets for most of them with few exceptions where resources are of bigger importance and mining is involve. Instead of human's world you can also chose another species's world which means that your actual choice are Human's, Skaarj's and Necris's worlds and colonies. For example, you can imagine a planet in the Skaarj empire where sea are yellow and toxic, absence of chlorophyll makes trees blue and plants all having pink leaves.
    I think that, in absolute, there should be same amount of content focused on each species and each corporation. Actually, too many are based on human's world and Liandry at the exception of Earth itself also forgotten.
    I see few reasons to that.
    First, about Earth, I guess corporations don't want to see those fierce warriors so close to their homes...
    Second is lack of content available for mappers. I guess that if UT4 had reach release stage, there would be more content available from Epic but also from users.
    Third, consequence of second, people who are starting to make maps are using already existing elements. It is understandable as there are many things to learn before going off road.