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Custom Map for Unreal Tournament pre-alpha

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    Custom Map for Unreal Tournament pre-alpha

    Hello everyone.
    I am teaching unreal in our 3D Class. We use it mainly for animatics with the Sequencer. I would like to switche for the rest of the session into a fun Death Match map making.
    To get started, I would like to make a simple empty maps that I could start with Unreal Tournament pre-alpha game.

    Is it even possible?

    Looking around, I found a few things.

    - There used to be a separate Unreal Editor for UT. I am unable to find that editor. Is it still relevant?
    - Map in the editor must be in /Conten/RestrictedAssets/Maps.
    - Map`s packs seams to be called : UnrealTournament-WindowsNoEditor.pak (if I try to replace that with one of my pak, the game does not start).
    - My map is named: DM-test-PL
    - I have no idea what is the strick minimum for a death match map. Do we need special player spawner? Where can I get those specials assets if I need to?
    - I tried the wiki. It`s down.
    - I tried discord, without any luck.
    - The game does not even link to this forum. You have to find it by yourself. Maybe it`s gone dead...
    - This is my last ressort on how to load a map into UT. Please, can someone tells me how to do it or why it can`t be done?
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    Join this Discord-Channel, a lot of UT-mappers there, they will help you with your issues.

    Greetz from Austria.
    WIP - Maps (UT - Build


      Thank you. I wrote a message there. Lets hope I get more info about this.


        hey lala, teaching UT Editor is not an easy task, but ok. We have another student class doing maps for UT. Please consider this is Unreal Engine 4.15, so you don't have the newest stuff
        You need to "share your level" on top bar and you will get DM-test-PL-WindowsNoEditor.pak
        It will be in Documents\UnrealTournament\Saved\Paks\MyContent - its directly available in UT game after paking
        The sequencer works the same as in UE4, but it's kinda buggy specially the rotation of the camera needs to be fixed a lot. Heres an example of whats possible in UT

        UT features a replay system of last games, which is also buggy. Most of your time you will spend to figure out the bugs then you do progress
        It's easier to write in UT discord #mapping or #modding channel

        The map should not be in restricedassets. Just make your own folder in Content folder. Dont overwrite assests of the restricedassets folder, rather duplicate them, if you need to change it.
        UnrealTournament-WindowsNoEditor.pak is the actually game........ 17 GB, you do not want to replace that
        special assets are below CTF or left side searching playertsart, you will find UTplayerstart
        small hint, if you have no idea you look at already finished maps in the editor how they do it.
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