Hey all,

Matt checked in a first pass today that allows switching sides during CTF matches at half time. Nothing really changes much about how you setup your map (everything as usual - player starts, red/blue flagbase, team deco BPs etc). The only thing you really have to worry about is going into the WorldProperties and checking "AllowSideSwitching"

The team deco BPs are setup to automatically switch colors, if you are curious about the setup or want to do something on your own that implements the same functionality you can do the following:

Implement UTTeam Interface via Blueprint Properties (the gametype is looking for actors that have this interface implemented to let them know what team they should be on)

In the function ScriptGetTeamNum that now appears set your team variable in the BP

Add the Event "EventSetTeamForSideSwap" which lets the BP know it's time to swap sides and should drive functionality that sets team colors
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