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BSP Staircase Ghost

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    BSP Staircase Ghost

    I've place a few linear stairs in a map. (using the preset tool)

    The BSP for them is gone in wireframe and surfaces can be selected in perspective. The stairs are also functional in-game.
    I remember something like this back in 99. You could delete BSP in a map and not build, but it would still work in-game.
    Not sure how to feel about it. :/

    Any advice or help is appreciated!


    EDIT: I never think of selecting an asset in the Scene Outliner. But all of the Staircases were there.
    I'm not sure if selecting one brought them all back. (because I wasn't paying attention) But I duplicated one, and all stairs became visible in wireframe again.
    Will report back if it changes again.
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    Got the same issue with a cone BSP, no idea how to clean that up. HALP !
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      My edit above explains my solution, temporary or not. However I may just start working with the ShellResources/Generic shapes to be safe. :/

      No cones in ShellResources/Generic, but you may be able to make a mesh in editor. Never tried it here.
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