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New map from scratch workflow?

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    New map from scratch workflow?

    Hi guys, apologies for the noob question but that is what I am. I'm enjoying this forum and am interested in getting involved in level design (I have a ludicrous amount of time on my hands).

    It's difficult to understand the work process of fully creating a level though just from reading posts. This is my understanding of the high level points

    • Develop basic layout in editor using BSP
    • Add in items/start points etc
    • Add basic colours and lighting
    • Repeat until happy
    • Rebuild entire layout with each unique shape being designed in a 3d program (so no BSP in final product)
    • Add music & package

    If anyone could confirm/correct/add to my understanding it would be appreciated, thanks - particularly as I'm uncertain about using maya or whatever to create all parts of a map. I'd like to ultimately do everything just inside the unreal editor but from reading the forum it appears this isn't recommended

    You're generally on the right track. I would add in gameplay testing before working on meshes. Certainly use the resources in this forum to your advantage. After staring at a layout for hours upon hours it takes someone on the outside to point out things you may not have noticed.

    Also there's nothing technically wrong with having BSP elements in your final map. Many maps have flat floors and walls in BSP, with mesh trim pieces.
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      Youre on the right track.

      using BSP as a basic layout for the map is perfect for getting the gameplay of the map solidified.

      to then release the map as a production quality map, you will need to replace a vast majority of the BSP with static meshes, but not all... BSP is p[erfectly fine to remain in your map, its great for flat surfaces, walls, floors, ceilings etc.

      Static meshes are there to add the detail... yeah a flat wall may be best, but should that wall have a trim around it? that's where static meshes come in. you can either create your own, or now that epic has released outpost23... use epics assets...

      if you want to make a map that is played by others and received well... your best bet is to create a thread on these forums for it. developing a layout, sharing the pak file and asking for feedback. the more feedback you get, the more information you as a mapper have to implement changes to the map to make it better and make it more popular.