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Navigation and Path Problems in All Maps

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    Navigation and Path Problems in All Maps

    Greetings! Now that the editor is available for free, I'm anxious to help any way I can. My Unreal background is mainly UT3 Level Editing and Server Administration, with a side of Sound and Music. I've only had a chance to spend about 3 hours in the editor and documentation last night, and since this is a crucial time to get new modders on board without them losing interest out of frustration, I'm hoping this insight will be useful.

    • In CTF-Dam, bots all run in small circles
    • Surfaces are all covered in green in the editor, which I think indicates that they are inside a NavMesh, and paths are being built... just not usable ones.
    • The same appears to be true for CTF-FaceTest and DM-Temple, but the bots are able to navigate the map, engage in combat, pick up the flag, and score properly; seemingly due to close proximity of enemy players.
    • In many cases (all, on some maps) Navigation points are not on valid base, or too close to steep slope. (Sound familiar?)
    • Paths through doorways are not being created
    • Item and weapon pickups are not being included as path nodes (only meshes, it would seem), is there any way to specify an actor as being a navigation point?
    • It is my understanding that there are currently no PathNode actors in UE4, is that correct? I've found documentation on scripting animated seqeuences, but no information on how to create levels that bots can traverse properly.

    Feature Requests:
    • A wiki/documentation oriented specifically toward Unreal Tournament 4 development that omits non-applicable documentation for Unreal Engine 4 would be useful.
    • PathNode actors, with a direction and weight to that direction. This would give the bots a general idea of which way the flag is, but allow them to take shortcuts and alternate paths a certain percentage of the time.
    • I love the bot customization options when hosting a game, two things that would really bump things up would be sliders for [Defend <-> Attack] and [Sneak <-> Charge]
    • In the documentation for 'Show Flags' pertaining to what was previously referred to as "show paths" the following description is used:
      "Navigation Shows/hides any Nav Meshes or other navigation Actors. (P)"
      It would be helpful to add, "navigation Actors and Paths", to help assoicate with the letter 'P'.


    Click image for larger version

Name:	2015.03.04 UT4 CTF-Dam Bad Pathing.JPG
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Size:	123.6 KB
ID:	355276 - Click image for larger version

Name:	2015.03.04 UT4 CTF-FaceTest Bad Pathing.JPG
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Size:	156.8 KB
ID:	355277 - Click image for larger version

Name:	2015.03.04 UT4 DM-Temple Bad Pathing.JPG
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Size:	150.6 KB
ID:	355278

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    I've had pathing issues recently. My specific problem was getting the path to go through a door.
    Right now, i'm leaving my doors up and disabled.

    Clawfist said: If you have "AutoUpdateNavigation" disabled in the editor preferences (which btw is highly recommended to not slow down the editor too much once you have navmesh in your map while still moving geometry around) you'll have to manually click Build Paths again for Matt's nodes to function properly. If you are seeing a bunch of nodes with lines drawn between them you'll know it succeeded.

    And if you plan to save what you just compiled as another'll have to rebuild the new file as well.

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