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    One of My Favorite UT maps of all time, i have deciding after many many years away from any sort of level design and wuth the Unreal engine now being free its give me a push to get back into it, is anyone away of this map being worked on before i get my teeth into it.

    Deck is already being developed by Epic and is currently in the game as "DeckTest". Some others have begun on their own versions too, I guess nothing is stopping you from your own version but probably worth being aware of.

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      thanks for letting me know


        Nothing wrong with building it to get back on the horse.
        It's something you're familiar with and you don't have to deal with "design block" (not knowing what to make, how to start, or how to finish)

        You may not want to post for approval on the forum, or people might jump all over you. (Deck16 specifically)

        I'm building my remakes for similar reasons. I want to get my skills back up to par, and keep it familiar.
        I tend to get extremely self critical when it comes to a new idea and seeing it to completion. My brain doesn't need that right now.

        But I am going to put my best efforts into what I am building. =)

        Browse through the Level Design and Work In Progress forums, and see what people are building and what people are saying.

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          Just call it Porch-17 nobody will notice