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Good BSP Practices. (question)

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    Good BSP Practices. (question)

    If you have a very complex level with alot of subtractive corridors and walls... Is it better to try to carve it out of one massively complex subtractive BSP using edit, or should I use many simple subtractive BSP's

    Or is it more or less dealers choice?

    I know in unreal 3 I used a grid based system which resulted in a few hundred subtractive BSP and it ran like ****. So I ended up converting the whole BSP structure into a Mesh to boost performance once I finalized the structure.

    In a later version I used fewer more complex BSP's which were a pain but they were better performance than using hundreds of BSP's and maintained their edit-ability.

    The conversion to mesh was the best performance option but At least in UE3 Complex BSP > Many BSP.

    How about UE4? Or just level design in general. Do you guys prefer using more small simple BSP. Or fewer more complex ones?

    Honestly so far i have found fewer complex to be better for performance, or like you said i have converted alot to meshes. Alot at bsp cause performance issues i have noticed.


      I use a modular set of meshes to prototype my designs the performance is alot better and I have had no corruption like i did using bsp, if your using machines like the epic staff have then you can copy alot of bsp brushes at once but if you have an average pc like I do it just cripples the system, so for me the modular set of meshes is great for quick gameplay prototyping where I need to copy large map sections, my favourite aspect of bsp brushes though is the texturing options just make sure you backup your map alot
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