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CTF Map Colors - Messed Up at Halftime Switch?

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    CTF Map Colors - Messed Up at Halftime Switch?

    What happens if you create a CTF map with team based colors on the map and halftime comes along and switches the sides? For example, the default Blue base has blue colors and the Red base has red colors. Then halftime comes and now the Red Team's base is the blue base and the Blue Team's base is the red base. Is there some sort of a flag that can be placed in a map to prevent side-switching at half time if the map is symmetrical?

    <EDIT> On IRC, Raxxy said that there's a flag in World Settings that enables or disables side switching. The flag is, "Allow Side Switch", which is off by default.
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    Yup what raxxy said

    The team deco blueprints are setup to set their colors automatically via interface. Take a look at those if you are curious about how they work or want to create your own.