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Quick thoughts on map colors and "game feel"

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    Quick thoughts on map colors and "game feel"

    This is just a quick and very incomplete overview on previous unreal tournament games maps. Feel free to make any deeper analysis or contradict mine completely.
    (note: I excluded the red and blue color, obviously very important for team matches, and took in consideration only the main colors of the maps)

    I just "googled" for "unreal tournament 99 maps", "unreal tournament 2003 maps", "unreal tournament 2004 maps" and "unreal tournament 3 maps", to see if I could quick spot some differences in the texture colors and feel of the different maps displayed (I can't recall that many maps from every series I played, except for 99).

    UT99 - the prominent color is grey (light grey or dark grey), some maps have more of a dark brown color or a greyish dark brown; maps usually made fully of interior spaces (except for some at night or in space) lighted mostly by artificial lights, having some dark corners here and there; a lot of spaces are narrow and not very wide or open spaces (only the center of the map is sometimes more open, but not that much; also I can only recall of DM-Liandri and CTF-Face as a more vertical maps, in which you have duels with players in a very different height).

    UT2k3 and 2k4 - more variety of colors due to a wide range of different themes, the colors still have a lower saturation but higher overall; a lot of maps have open spaces (bigger maps), many in the exterior and not inside of buildings; maps now have lights coming from natural sources.

    UT3 - there are still a lot of colors but the prominence got back to greys and browns, mainly dark colors (looking more gothic than sci-fi); getting closer to UT99 again by lowering the saturation of the main colors overall; there is a lot of visual information (details) for a competitive and fast FPS game, it's more difficult for a skilled player to move fast and process all the visual information on his/her brain when he has to track and follow the movement of a skilled opponent in seconds.

    So UT99, maybe due to the limited tools of the developers and map makers at that time or because they wanted so, has a more unique feel to it, due to the specific colors and prominent interior maps. UT2k3 and 2k4 are a huge step away from that, maybe trying to follow the steps of others franchises on the market (with large areas for vehicles from slower-paced FPS games). UT3 was the one that got closer to the unique feel and set of colors that could bring the uniqueness back to the series, but due to the great amount of details the maps look very pretty but are not very suited for competitive and very fast-paced gaming.

    What do you guys think, is this more or less right or am I just seeing things ?
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    UT3 are my least favorite in what you posted.


      ut99 had the best maps cause there was no fancy smancy in it and just gameplay on great maps.
      ut2k4 had better gfx but it didn't lose gameplay by it wich still is great and it even added more variety
      ut3 had an overload on gfx wich was partially the reason i stopped playing ut
      ut4 has back to the roots maps like deck16 but i guess they want to make all maps as fancy as outpost23 turned of the eye adaption stuff but still got very dark places where it's hard to see players wich is to me a roadbump in gameplay
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        I guess new maps should follow what UT4 does: remake UT99 with today's tech. So I would go for the feel, colors and ambiance of UT99, it's simplicity but with a some beautiful static meshes. Rather than putting tons of details, I'd rather have great materials and almost flat surfaces, this is what defines clarity imho.
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