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BSP Objects Missing Textures When Placed in Certain Areas?

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    You've got a bsp somewhere which has a bsp hole. It's cutting trough other geometry.
    Look for a bsp which has errors, has been cut incorrectly...maybe you accidentally deleted a face of a brush. See the screenshot below:
    I deleted a face of the box brush and it's cutting trough the cylinder. Delete the brush, or fix it the way explained here:

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  • BSP Objects Missing Textures When Placed in Certain Areas?


    I am green when it comes to the Unreal Editor, and I keep running into an issue. On certain parts of my map, the objects that I place down will be missing textures in spots. For example, I will create a box or cylinder and it will be missing a texture somewhere, but if I move it to the left about 100 units, the whole object will appear.

    Here is a wall I created with a collapsed cylinder, and as you can see, it's missing two textures. However, if I move it to the right about 100 units, all four textures appear.


    Thanks for any help!
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