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How do you center objects on angled walls?

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    How do you center objects on angled walls?

    I have an 8-sided cylinder and want to add a doorway (subtractive BSP box) on one of the 45 degree sides. Is there an easier way to center the subtractive BSP against the angled cylinder side?


    I think the best way would be don't use the cylinder tool in the first place. Use the pen tool to draw and extrude a shape that aligns to the grid properly. Then you can vertex / face edit a box to fit perfectly or just use pen for that too.

    Pen tool is very powerful and easy to use. Once you learn to use it you'll wish you'd found it sooner!
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      Don't have the editor handy right now so I can't post any images, however, one old trick goes as follows:

      • Place a dummy brush or mesh at the center of your cylinder (if you need it for repeated reference just leave it underneath the floor or way below the map, won't matter for top down view)
      • Create your doorway on one of the 90 degree sides
      • Select doorway brush(es) then select your dummy brush/mesh last (to utilize its pivot)
      • Rotate everything into place

      I actually do this quite frequently whenever I'm dealing with actual cylinders (i.e U-Damage room in DM-Temple, might have some of those dummies still stuck around in there actually). Keep in mind that since this creates brushes that are on the grid relative to the cardinal faces of the brush they will not by default align with the grid once rotated into place. Typically if I have to worry about getting them roughly back on the grid to connect to the next space I simply brush clip the other end of the door. Not perfect but will do the job and is clean enough.

      FWIW, this is also a very handy method for meshing cylindrical shapes, do the cardinal faces first as your main reference, then duplicate and rotate around.