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RestrictedAssets Folder Not in my tree, missing WeaponBase search, Missing Content

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    RestrictedAssets Folder Not in my tree, missing WeaponBase search, Missing Content


    I just updated to 4.7.4 and I was beginning the tutorial,"Building a map from scratch" when I encountered a strange directory tree issue. I can't find this RestrictedAssets in my root, before starter content. Please see my image I uploaded, left side is my tree, right side is the video tree in comparison.

    I have tried turning off and on the add asset filters, even clicking on the folder icon "Choose Path" Just before the Content Menu in the "Content Browser" window. No querry for weaponbase works. It initially stops at "we" and lists two items, I have to click again inside to add letters to complete the querry.

    There's a ghost box underneath the Content Arrow (pointing to right) that won't disappear, just fills with "StarterContent" when clicked. My Java is up-to-date.

    I also noticed my directory tree doesn't have, "Animations, Characters, Effects and Environmentals ... plus, perhaps a myriad of others that are unknown" compared to the video tutorial.

    I'm hoping to start editing but remain perplexed on how to begin if the assets for weapons base isn't there, for me to even test playing.

    Please help

    You need to download the actual UT editor, you're using the mainline UE4 editor.

    They are exactly the same as far as usage goes, except one is already pre-configured to use with UT.


      I have what I thought is the engine/editor Raxxy,

      Please see my screenshot, and tell me if I am incorrect?

      Where is the 'actual UT editor' if not launched from "epic games launcher"?


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          Originally posted by Sumugan View Post
          Where is the 'actual UT editor' if not launched from "epic games launcher"?
          It's there, but the editor has more than one tab:
          Click image for larger version

Name:	UTEditor.png
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            Thanks, I hope the $movedMarker works, as I've no ISP and the 4.7.2 should open, but it gives me an 'install' I've limited data plan using my 4g hotspot. I hope it completes it.

            Now, please, Is there a way to turn off "Navigation building Completed"? or turn it on a time to expire?
            Clicking "ok" button doesn't get rid of them? Or is it dependent on the number of BSP elements you add?

            Why would changing the default lighting from value 1 to 10 fail to build when I have over 32Gb RAM, and took over 3 minutes to finally build after assigning materials to floors and walls?

            I found my lighting static mesh info log, lighting quality is preview with the following .csv,
            "Actor,Static Mesh,Level,Type,UVs,Res,Texture LM,Vertex LM,Num LM,Texture SM,Vertex SM,Num SM, BaseJumpPad_125,JumpPadMesh,Game/EasterStarter,Texture,True,32,2.659 KB,0 KB,1,1.329 KB,0 KB,1,,,,,,,2.659,0,1,1.329,0,1,"
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